Two Function hospital bed price in BD

৳ 29,500.00

  • Full length :2090mm
  • Full width :960mm
  • Height of the bed surface :500mm
  • Backlifting angle :0-75 degree
  • Leg lifting angle : 0-45 degree
  • Maximum load weight:>250Kg
  • Country of origin :China


Luxurious Comfort Meets Practicality: Two Function Hospital Bed

Two Function hospital bed price in BD: In the realm of healthcare, comfort and practicality are paramount. Our Two Function Hospital Bed effortlessly combines innovative design with top-notch functionality, ensuring your loved ones receive the care they deserve. Crafted with precision, this bed prioritizes both patient ease and caregiver convenience.

Detachable ABS Bed Headboard and Footboard

At the heart of our hospital bed lies the detachable ABS bed headboard and footboard, enhancing both the aesthetic appeal and ease of cleaning. These components, meticulously designed for effortless assembly and disassembly, not only add a touch of elegance but also simplify maintenance, guaranteeing a hygienic environment for the patient.

Collapsible Aluminum Alloy and Stainless Steel Guardrails

Safety remains paramount, and our bed takes this commitment seriously. The collapsible aluminum alloy and stainless steel guardrails provide an extra layer of protection, ensuring patients are secure while allowing caregivers swift access when needed. The thoughtful engineering guarantees peace of mind, promoting a restful atmosphere for recovery.

hospital bed price in BD: High-Quality Steel Strip Punching Bed Frame

The backbone of our hospital bed is the high-quality steel strip punching bed frame. Measuring L-1960mm and W-900mm, this robust frame provides unparalleled stability and durability, supporting patients with varying needs. The precision-engineered design ensures longevity, making it a sound investment for both medical facilities and home care settings.

hospital bed price in BD: Luxurious 125mm Silent Casters with Brake

Mobility and stability blend seamlessly with our hospital bed’s four luxurious 125mm silent casters, each equipped with brakes. Effortless movement is coupled with steadfast security, allowing caregivers to maneuver the bed with ease while ensuring it stays securely in place when needed. This thoughtful feature enhances the bed’s usability, making caregiving tasks smoother and more efficient.

Two ABS Cranks for Effortless Adjustments

A testament to user convenience, our hospital bed is equipped with two ABS cranks, allowing effortless adjustments.  This thoughtful design accentuates safety without compromising on ease of use, ensuring a seamless caregiving experience.


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